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Horizon Europe Batteries Consortium Building Event



A great deal of R&D investment could be wasted, or, not included as being TRL unready, mainly due to competing interests, such as ammonia, hydrogen, methanol





Innovate UK KTN Global Alliance are delighted to invite potential applicants from across EU Member States, Associated states and third Countries, to participate in the Horizon Europe Cluster 5, Destination 2: A competitive and sustainable European battery value chain online event taking place on 8th March 2022

This event is being organised in close partnership with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), the UK Science and Innovation Network in Poland, as well as National Contact Point colleagues from the National Centre for Research and Development, Poland and Innovate UK.

The webinar will be an opportunity to learn about the upcoming Batteries call topics from the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) and chance to network and join potential consortia for the Horizon Europe Cluster 5 (Climate) Destination 2 Batteries related call topics listed below.

The topics covered (Single stage: Open 28th April 2022)


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-01 Sustainable processing and refining of battery grade graphite (Batteries Partnership) IA €5m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-02 Interface and electron monitoring for the engineering of new and emerging battery technologies (Batteries Partnership) RIA €5m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-03 Furthering the development of a materials acceleration platform for sustainable batteries (combining AI, big data, autonomous synthesis robotics, high throughput testing) (Batteries Partnership) RIA €20m


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-04 Towards creating an integrated manufacturing value chain in Europe: from machinery development to plant and site integrated design (Batteries Partnership) IA €7 to €8m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-05 Next generation technologies for High-performance and safe-by-design battery systems for transport and mobile applications (Batteries Partnership) RIA €5m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-06 Embedding smart functionalities into battery cells (embedding sensing and self-healing functionalities to monitor and self-repair battery cells) (Batteries Partnership) RIA €5m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-07 Digitalisation of battery testing, from cell to system level, including lifetime assessment (Batteries Partnership) RIA €5m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-08 Coordination of large-scale initiative on future battery technologies (Batteries Partnership) CSA €3m


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-09 Physics and data-based battery management for optimised battery utilisation (Batteries Partnership) RIA €5m per projects


HORIZON-CL5-2022-D2-01-11 CIVITAS 2030 – Coordination and support for EU funded urban mobility innovation CSA €5m


National Contact Point (NCP) 1:1 meetings


There will also be a National Contact Point (NCP) surgery where you can sign up for 1:1 meetings on the afternoon of the event via the event’s online meeting system (called meeting mojo). The following NCPs currently intend to take part:


Nic Wallet from Innovate UK, United Kingdom
Magdalena Głogowska from National Centre for Research and Development, Poland
Aleksandra Miłobędzka from National Centre for Research and Development, Poland
TBC from Czech Republic
Henrik Staubo, NCP Transportation & Maritime Sectors from The Research Council of Norway, Norway
Cagri YILDIRIM (Environment) from Tubitak, Turkey
Mr. Serhat Melik, Cluster 5 NCP (Transport) from Tubitak, Turkey
Ms. İpek Ucuncu, Cluster 5 NCP (Transport) from Tubitak, Turkey
Dr. Hanife Tuzcuoğlu, Cluster 5 NCP (Energy) from Tubitak, Turkey
TBC from Finland





This event is suitable for anyone with an interest in collaborating in European Research and Innovation projects and who is looking to submit a proposal idea or join a consortium for one of the forthcoming 2022 Horizon Europe Call topics listed above, Horizon Europe Cluster 5 Climate – Batteries.



This Horizon Europe Batteries will help you find partners from the UK, Poland, Finland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Norway and beyond to form international collaborations and strategic partnerships. The key focus of the events will be to provide hands-on advice to give you the final boost and get you ready for submission into the forthcoming 2022 Horizon Europe Batteries calls. There will be the opportunity to present a pitch about your project idea or your capability offering, and you’ll be able to talk to pitch presenters and other delegates in small groups and / or in 1-1 meetings. The UK and European NCP Teams and KTN European Programmes Team will also be available for 1-1 meetings to answer any specific or more confidential questions. Make the most of the pitching and 1-1 meeting opportunities and indicate on your registration form whether you wanted to take advantage of these. (Pitches are subject to space availability and pitches of project ideas in particular will be prioritised. We will contact you to confirm your place post registration.)

*Horizon Europe is the European Funding Framework Programme which follows on from its predecessor Horizon 2020. It will run for seven years from 2021 to 2027. The total budget set for the programme is €95.5 billion. There are six Clusters under Pillar 2: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness.

AGENDA - (All timings are GMT)

09:30 – Welcome, introduction and aims of the day


Nick Mellors, Regional Manager, Eastern Mediterranean and Central & Eastern Europe | UK Science and Innovation Network & Dr Maria Śmietanka, Deputy Director | Horizon Europe National Contact Point, Poland

09:35 – Introduction to Horizon Europe


Jane Watkins | Innovate UK KTN

09:40 – Overview of Cluster 5 batteries work programme (Cluster 5 Destination 2 topics)


Wouter Ijzermans | BEPA Batteries European Partnership Association

10:00 – Overview of UK batteries sector & Overview of Polish batteries sector


Ian Whiting | UK BIC & Aleksander Rajch, Director – External Affairs, Board Member | PSPA

10:20 – Q&A


Jane Watkins | Innovate UK KTN

10:30 -Break


10:35 – How to build consortia for Horizon Europe and find the right partners?
Nic Wallet, UK National Contact Point | Climate

10:50 – National Contact Point Services


Magdalena Głogowska, National Centre | Research and Development

11:00 – H2020 HIDDEN/VTT case study


Marja Vilkman, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

11:10 – Break


11:15 – Pitches


12:00 – Close


1:00 – NCP surgery (Meeting Mojo)


Meeting Mojo will be open from 1:00pm – 5:00pm GMT on 8th March 2022.







Our Special Projects Coordinator, will be in attendance, hoping to attract consortium partners, also to provide steerage as and where appropriate.


We are interested in helping to future proof transport infrastructure for operators and market investors via the development of a system that allows hydrogen based fuels to work alongside battery technology. This includes 

lithium battery, hydrogen battery, methanol battery, ammonia, battery, know how, and in particular ability to re-package these chemistries in a standard format, to be compatible with auto vending service stations, along the lines of SmartNet - as a proposed development starting point.


We are not in the business of R&D on any one of the different chemistries. We are in the business of providing an infrastructure that companies developing the technology can join and advantage themselves of, just by scaling their systems to fit within standard format cartridges, such as to mesh with smart service stations for handling and stock control purposes.


The Smart infrastructure and Universal energy cartridge designs and features, together with computer controls and geodata forms part of a portfolio of Intellectual Property, that investors can buy into and share, simply by including us in a consortium, by way of easing the transition from fossil fuels to net zero, while hedging as to technological advances in the future.






Henrietta is looking to crack the chicken and egg situation


HENRIETTA - thinks she may have something to chirp about. She thinks she may have cracked the 'chicken and egg' conundrum that as of 2022 is stopping more people enjoying zero emission transport. If you are looking for a risk reduced business model to hedge your R&D investment, Henrietta's proposal is well worth a look.





In the case that the organizers exceed capacity for these events, they reserve the right to prioritise registrants that are working on or planning to work on a Horizon Europe proposal submission. They also reserve the right to limit the numbers of registrants coming from the same organisation.









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