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The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Undertaking (FCH JU) are working to facilitate the market introduction of FCH technologies in Europe. They do this by implementing research and innovation (R&I) programmes in order to develop a portfolio of clean, efficient solutions that exploit the properties of hydrogen as an energy carrier and fuel cells as energy converters. They are not concerned with integration into a national infrastructure, just the enabling (seed) dots so that policy makers may join them.



The G20 and other United Nations member countries are each committed in theory to the creation of a circular economy. That sounds great, but in reality, each nation is struggling to come to terms with the economic ramifications and delaying change at the expense of other nations, where the last ones to commit gain a commercial advantage in a trade war; the modern version of the Cold War.


In the UK we see this first hand as councils granting planning consents to enable developers to build almost anywhere, contrary to National Planning Policy, but doing so despite this, because the British economy is failing. By which we mean the country is in a wartime 'National Debt' situation, the same as Japan and the USA. Hence, those economies are failing also.


What is needed is not each nation working independently to whitewash their administrations to an acceptable degree, to make them look good to the electorate. What is necessary in the global fight against climate warming is an international plan, such that every country needs to downgrade economic growth, to in-effect, devalue their currency to achieve sustainability.


In election terms it should no longer be a crime to push policies that admit to a misconceived 'super-heated' economy based on continuous growth. The electorate should be looking to tighten their belt against the promises made to them by politicians - that were and are unsustainable.


The electorate should have known better, but they are not to blame. The electorate were entitled to rely on election promises, since those promises are effectively a Contract - commonly called a Manifesto. The problem being that politicians do not see it that way. Politicians and policy makers believed they are above the law of Contract, and as it appears, the Laws of Nature. They believe they are not accountable for their mistakes in allowing climate change to creep up to threaten Life On Earth. They aver that they owe no Duty of Care, when in fact the High Court in London has ruled that local government owes citizens "a duty to provide an effective administration."


The same duty must then apply to the Head of State, in appointing a Government. Save that if there is no political party capable of adapting to meet the climate crisis, who is Her Majesty to appoint?





Hydrogen powered electric buses are becoming very popular. With exchange refuelling using high pressure gas cartridges, or liquid hydrogen cartridges, coaches and trucks might have unlimited ranges. We hope this is a topic of discussion at the forthcoming UN COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2021.



Electric hybrid, the Elizabeth Swann, solar and wind powered cross channel contender


CHANNEL HOPPER - Electric ferries and river boats like the proposal above, could supplement solar and wind power, with hydrogen batteries to boost performance and reduce transit times, with refuelling at each end of a journey - but also with renewable performance of around 10 knots in reserve. Many fleet operators are now looking to hydrogen as a long term solution. Hydrogen batteries could be stacked for such endeavour.












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