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Imagine that you lived in a city or town where the Mayor was clever enough to have provided an infrastructure for zero emission vehicles, so that the inhabitants could breathe clean air, free of carcinogenic diesel particulates, where youngsters might not then develop lung cancer.






Don't be daft, if there were any cities with clean air, we'd all be living there. Wouldn't you want to live somewhere so that your children could breathe?


Unfortunately, cities are home to millions of people, all living in an invisible smog of dangerous fumes. Many of these people will die of respiratory diseases, while those living in congested towns will fare no better. We are sure you've all seen the bus stops, with community transports belching smoke as they pull out into the road. Cough, cough.


It's not a pleasant experience, but city dwellers have been living in it for so long, they've forgotten what it is like to breathe in fresh country air. Mind you, most of them have probably never visited the countryside. That is just something they see on TV.


It is a sad situation that we are trying to remedy. But don't hold your breath! Even with clean air as a United Nations agenda, the average time from the light-bulb concept, to a prototype is roughly 30 years.


In fact this concept was shelved in 1991. Why? Because there were no takers. Indeed, governments from Australia, UK and USA, sent the originator packing with letters virtually ridiculing the notion.




Smart networked automated energy vending service stations


WHERE TO START? - Most electric heavy goods vehicles such as long distance trucks and medium range delivery vans, can simply bolt on a kit of parts so making them compatible with a SmartNet service station. You'll have to wait a bit longer for robotaxis that are harmonized, because they still have not achieved Level 5 autonomy, let alone Level 6. But the AI is creeping up, no doubt inspired by the Johnny Cab from Arnold Schwzenegger's film; Total Recall.






HOLD ON - Before any of that we need to develop the smarter service stations, to overcome the chicken and egg stalemate we are presently facing.













A BETTER PLACE - The liberalization of the energy market means the opening of the electricity and gas market to free competition. This has broken up existing monopolies and opened the market to more participants. The aim was to make electricity supply more efficient by integrating competitive forces where possible and by integrating regulation where necessary. Shai Agassi gave it another shot in 2012, but his company eventually folded as the internal combustion and oil lobbyists piled on the pressure to latter day politicians, who knuckled under. Hence, the melting of the ice caps and deaths of millions of animals, including extinctions. But now we have schoolchildren making noises, like the fabulous Greta Thunberg.





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